Circumventing Windows 32 Bit Passwords

Circumventing Windows 32 Bit Passwords

Note: This should only be used for machines that you have authorization to modify and support. This is only designed for windows 32 bit operating systems: Win2k8 server, Win2k3 server, Vista, XP, and Windows 7. It should also be noted that if full disk encryption (such as truecrypt, or pgp) is installed on the entire hard disk, this will not work.

I came across this application to meet a need for some volunteer work I was doing.  An IT department needed a quick way to get into local user accounts when individuals forget their passwords.  Konboot meets this need nicely, and no cracking is even done. In less than 2 minutes they can get into an non encrypted local account.

Below are instructions

1: download Kon Boot
2. boot to cd
3. press enter on first graphical page

4: wait for 2nd graphical page. no need to hit any key

5:  if there is only one user account you will be logged in automatically without prompting for password

6: if there is more than one user account, just leave password blank and select account you want

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